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QQ: 3163461980
E-mail: info@fimametal.com
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Name: Maggie Deng
Tel: 0086-020-39991700
Mobile: +86-13710931403
E-mail: info@fimametal.com
E-mail: maggie@fimametal.com
Add: No.62 Jubao Road, Qiao south street, Shiqiao Panyu District, Guangzhou,Guangdong,China
Skype: FIMA-2014
MSN: FIMA-2014@hotmail.com
QQ: 3163461980
MSN: FIMA-2014@hotmail.com Skype: FIMA-2014 QQ: 3163461980 info@fimametal.com maggie@fimametal.com

About Us

FIMA Metalworks Co., Ltd is a reliable manufacturer with over 10 years experience of producing metalworks for customers. With the objective of honesty and professional service, quality products, on time delivery, best price, we will surely service as your best partner.

Made the custom products from china is difflcult and complicated. In this situation, the customers will have to face a series of problems,
spend more time to look for a suitable supplier. FIMA has excellent several partners that can easily satisfy customers for the parts with different requirements. By choosing FIMA, you can save much time from searching for suppliers.

Our products are produced by skilled workers. And our engineers who has over 18 years rich experience in metalworks designing and processing can give you much professional service. 

FIMA will take care to produce and supply ready qualified goods to our clients in whole service including producing,welding,grinding and polishing,powder coating or electroplating,packing and exporting,etc. Why not choose FIMA Metalworks Co., Ltd for your China sourcing. FIMA can provide a pleasant cooperation, the best profession service, the quickest reaction and the lowest-cost purchasing. 

Online service

MSN: FIMA-2014@hotmail.com Skype: FIMA-2014 3163461980 info@fimametal.com maggie@fimametal.com